For information or to volunteer, contact the parish office at (502) 459-4251.

Administration Committee

Oversees money-related committees within the parish.

Buildings & Grounds

Responsible for maintenance, renovation, and upkeep of parish buildings and grounds at each campus. Volunteers work together at either location when a project requires a larger workforce than that campus has available.

Community Center Board

A group of people from different areas of the church who routinely use the Community Center/Cafeteria, In addition, Pastor-appointed members meet to oversee the operation and maintenance of the building.

Parish Liturgy Collection Counters

Responsible for counting regular and special collections, making bank deposits, and recording collections in manner suitable for the parish staff to post to individual donor records.

St. John Paul II Finance Committee

Reviews the financial activities of the Parish. Assembles the fiscal budget and proposes it for Parish Council’s approval.

Technology Group

Develops and maintains computer/communication-related operations in our church community. Activities include the parish web site and assisting other parish organizations.