Afghan Refugee Resettlement

In partnership with Catholic Charities Refugee Services, five churches are planning to help resettle and mentor an Afghan family.  

Participating Congregations in the Buechel/Hikes Point Neighborhood: St. Andrew United Church of Christ, Buechel Park Baptist, St. John Paul II Catholic, St. Martha Catholic , St. Paul Episcopal

All members of the participating Congregations are invited to share in the resettlement of Afghan refugees by donating/providing items from the accompanying list.  Our goal is to furnish and set up an apartment for at least one (perhaps more) displaced Afghan family.  Catholic Charities will assign a family to our group, find an apartment, provide employment help, ESL and translation help. Please do not bring donated items to church until a collection date is announced! We don’t have storage space.  We will publish a collection date once we are assigned a family.  Items donated need to be in good condition, something you would use in your home.  The goal is to help the family become self sufficient as soon as possible, perhaps within three months.

Welcoming Team (about 10 people) Opportunities Include:

  • Meet refugee family at the airport and transport them to their furnished apartment
  • Acquaint them with what is in the apartment and show them how to use the stove, toilet, water, etc.
  • Transport them to appointments, job interviews, grocery, etc. as needed
  • Show them how to ride the bus
  • Help with school registration for their children
  • Other as needed

Welcome team members have face to face contact with the family and are required to participate in a Cultural Training workshop and a Safe Environment workshop.  These workshops are free, and more information will be provided for those who are interested in being on the welcoming team.  For more information concerning the donation part of the program click here

 If you want to donate or participate as a member of the Welcome Team contact Elaine Hulsman 502-298-5290 or Kathy Riggs at 502-203-8311.

We, the people of St. John Paul II,
aim to live as Jesus lived through humility and trust.