Dear Parishioners, this is an important message about the sale of the St. Barnabas property. The Archdiocese accepted a purchase contract on our Hikes Lane Campus (the former St. Barnabas) in December of 2019. The purchase was contingent on the property being rezoned so that apartments could be built, and it was contingent on the purchaser obtaining financing to pay for the property and construct the planned apartments. In July, 18 months after the sales contract was signed, Metro Council finally approved the rezoning request. In August, the rezoning was finalized. The purchaser has committed to obtain the necessary financing and close the sale by December of this year. After our parish decided to utilize our Goldsmith Lane campus, for all parish activities, in early 2019, we began the process of cleaning out the Hikes Lane Campus. We first identified many items that we moved to our Goldsmith Lane campus (statues, liturgical d├ęcor, liturgical items) or will be moving into our new Parish Life Center (appliances and furniture). We donated a lot of liturgical items to several Archdiocesan churches. We donated liturgical items, surplus school desks, and the dining room table from the old Hospitality House, to a Caribbean diocese. After finding that it was cost prohibitive to move the Hikes Lane organ into our Goldsmith Lane church, and not finding a church to sell the organ to, we sold it to an organ company that will refurbish it and resell it. Bob Goens, our parish council president held 2 different yard sales that sold a variety of small items. We donated a lot of small household type items to catholic charities. We donated some cabinets to our school, John Paul II Academy. Still, there are some things left, for which we do not have a need and have not found a home. We are enlisting the services of Bilyeu Enterprises, and their subsidiary, Baxter Liquidations, to help us dispose of what is left. Cullen Bilyeu the founder of Bilyeu Enterprises is an Eagle Scout from our Scout Troop, Troop 243. Bilyeu Enterprises is going to photograph remaining items, and publish them for sale, online. If you want to follow the sale, you can see them by following Bilyeu Enterprises: Please be aware, our sale of the property included selling the buildings, and all of the fixtures that are part of the buildings. Only things that we can remove are things that are not part of the buildings. For example, we cannot remove light fixtures, pews, windows, attached cabinetry / shelving, air heating or air conditioning systems. We can sell unneeded tables, chairs, tools, unneeded lawn equipment, office furniture, old trophies, unneeded sporting goods, and even the bleachers in the gym. Also please note, Catholic doctrine will not allow us to sell some items (an altar, liturgical vestments, church statues, etc.). If we cannot find another Catholic Church to use these items, there is a strict method which must be followed for disposal. Frank HulsmanParish Building Team


We, the people of St. John Paul II,
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