For information or to volunteer, contact Kathleen Riggs in the parish office at (502) 451-9300.

Adult Formation

This group, representative of the parish demographics, shares a passion for leading individuals and the community as a whole into mature discipleship. Adult formation provides education opportunities for adult parishioners offering new insight, learning, and spiritual growth in faith, such as Faithful Film Nights. Ambassadors lead and provide goodwill for the formation efforts of the parish. Seasonal programs take place throughout the year in addition to the Advent and Lent Seasons. There are also additional opportunities in conjunction with Regional Programs and Parishes.

Baptismal Preparation

Assist parents in understanding the sacrament of Baptism-its origins, signs, symbols, and responsibilities. Parental responsibilities and sponsorship are discussed. A one-two session meeting is required prior to Baptism. (Volunteers give instruction, support parents through community presence at session, and follow-up) Contact Deacon Jim Stanford at the parish office.

Boy Scouts

Develop a strong sense of self and learn life skills through scouting.

Fall Festival

An evening of food, fun, and  a Haunted Walk. This event is part of our annual fall activities. Open to all parishioners from the oldest to the youngest.

Fish Fry

This committee is responsible for making sure the food is prepared and served at Lenten Fish Fries; a time to come together for food and fellowship. Parishioners of all ages lend a hand and work together.

Girl Scouts

Parents organize, teach and instill a sense of belonging, accomplishment and self-confidence. Girls participate in a wide variety of troop activities. Open to girls from kindergarten through eighth grade.

Lenten Stations of the Cross

Parish will offer Stations of the Cross weekly during Lent. The only experience required is the willingness to read and follow the Way of the Cross.

Liturgy of the Word for Children

This ministry helps children better understand the Sunday readings by dismissing them after the opening prayer to hear and reflect on the Word. Adult volunteers are needed to proclaim and assist on a monthly basis. (Training is available. Safe Environment Training is required.)

Picnic Committee

Responsible for coordinating all activities for the summer picnic held in June/July each year. Approximately 10-12 people schedule vendor purchases and deliveries, coordinate dinners, organize booth workers, schedule setup, cleanup, and take-down of booths. This fundraiser brings the parish and the community together as they work for the good of all.


This total parish event requires hundreds of volunteers for its success. Picnic volunteers can set up booths, serve dinners, oversee and schedule volunteers for a specific booth, volunteer in booths that need workers, clean up grounds, and take down booths. Stewards of all ages work to make the annual event a success.


This process is for preparing adults wishing to be Baptized and/or Confirmed in the Catholic faith. It involves the spiritual and religious formation of unbaptized adults or adults previously baptized in another Christian tradition and takes place step by step over a period of time. There is an adapted process for unbaptized children, ages 7 and above. The entire parish has a role in initiating persons into full membership. Meetings are held year-round and offer an opportunity for adults to receive instruction in Catholic beliefs as well as the opportunity to meet others willing to share their faith journey. Anyone interested in learning more about the Catholic way of life is welcome to come; as well as any Catholic willing to share time in prayer as part of the RCIA team. (Volunteers are needed to be team members, sponsors, babysitters, hospitality, and share faith. Training and resource materials are provided.)

Religious Education/Formation for Children and Youth

Provides religious instruction of elementary and middle school children by Archdiocesan-certified catechists. Mandatory participation for student athletes not enrolled in John Paul II Academy. (Need catechists and substitute catechists for grades K-8. Catechists share faith with the children, help prepare them for receiving Sacraments, and formation in the Catholic faith.) We are in hopes of forming a high school Religious Education Program.

Small Faith Communities

A great way to grow spiritually is through participation in or leadership of a small faith community group such as “Why Catholic?” or the “Great Adventure Series.”

Vacation Bible School

Provides Bible education in a fun format of instruction, music, crafts, storytelling, and games for 4-year olds through 5th graders. (Volunteers coordinate planning, teach, oversee crafts, games, snack, songs, etc.)

Youth Ministries

A vital ministry that reaches out to young people of this faith community by serving the social and spiritual needs of young people by integrating them into the life, work & mission of the Church. Youth ministry provides programs that offer spiritual growth, as well as social, educational, and service opportunities. By participating in the events and activities provided, it is hoped that their environment will foster a sense of identity with the parish. In addition, special emphasis is on Confirmation preparation for 8th graders throughout the school year; which includes Focus sessions, service opportunities, and a retreat experience. Adults, young adults and youth are invited and encouraged to become involved in this vital ministry of our church.

Contact the parish office for more information.