The Parish Council is a consultative body to the pastor. The Council structure facilitates cooperation between the pastor, staff and parishioners to define and carry out the parish mission that is connected to the mission of the universal church and to that of Christ himself.

The Parish Council carries out its purpose by setting a vision for the parish community and then giving direction to the parish community through discerning God’s will for the community, assessing needs, developing priorities and engaging in short and long term planning.

The Parish Council meets the last Monday of each month and any member of the parish may attend a meeting. Parishioners wishing to address the council may do so by contacting the Chair one week in advance of the meeting. However, the Pastor may permit a parishioner to address the Parish Council at any time.

For information or to volunteer, contact the parish office 459-4251

Timothy Buckley : Chair

Timothy Buckley

Bob Goens : Member, Vice Chair

Bob Goens

Member, Vice Chair
Kristi Short : Member, Secretary

Kristi Short

Member, Secretary
Chris Clements : Council Member

Chris Clements

Council Member
Chris Finzer : Member

Chris Finzer

Betty French : Member

Betty French

Faye Johnson : Member, Worship

Faye Johnson

Member, Worship
Donna Kenney : Member

Donna Kenney

Erin Maguire-Osting : Member at Large

Erin Maguire-Osting

Member at Large
Laura Tallent : Member

Laura Tallent

Jarod Tichy : Member

Jarod Tichy

Kirstie Thorpe : Member

Kirstie Thorpe

Rev. Peter Do : Pastor

Rev. Peter Do

Pastor 502-459-4251